Eating kale can decrease your risk of cancer!

That’s thanks to sulforaphane, a substance in kale that has been shown to help fight the formation of cancer at the molecular level.

Eat garlic to prevent cancer!

Sulfur-rich foods, like garlic and cruciferous veggies, can help protect against diseases like diabetes and cancer. Sulfur helps metabolize food and protects your body from inflammation and oxidative stress.

Lower your risk of cancer by eating grapefruit!

Lycopene is an antioxidant in grapefruit that combats the body’s cell aging triggered by harmful free radicals. For the most lycopene, reach for a ruby red.

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Reduce your risk of cancer with broccoli! 

The cruciferous vegetable contains a compound called sulforaphane, which has shown to have anti-cancer properties in multiple studies. 

Eat coriander to get more cancer-fighting antioxidants. 

Compounds in the herb have been shown to lower inflammation as well as slow the growth of cancer cells in the lungs, prostate, breast, and colon. 

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